For over 50 years, ever since the first rocket powered a crew into orbit, space activities have been the preserve of government-sponsored specialists. That era of pioneers is in a transition. Soon more people from all walks of life will become involved in this great adventure.

Our first polar explorers experienced vast expanses on the surface of our planet; for them, it was like ‘space’ on Earth. Those journeys into the unknown revealed the human desire for new ideas and destinations. Media reports detailing their progress inspired the public’s imagination.

Today, Space is the final frontier. Our telescopes peer back in time at supernovas from long before the first dinosaurs. Soon, the first humans will depart for Mars.

But first, Space will become the location for increased activity by a wider population, of whom the fittest — our athletes — will be among them.

The Space Athletics Federation®
exists to make that dream a reality.

The Space Athletics Federation’s
primary mission is to educate,
motivate and activate.

Our mission:

  • Organizing connected sporting events on and off Earth.
  • Motivating people via Space Athletics Federation products, clothing and fitness apps.
  • Educating members about Space and Sport via published articles and related content.
  • Facilitating research on athletics in Space.
  • Collaborating with other space sports organzations.
  • Creating a Space Athletics Federation category for Children.
  • Building a Metaverse presence and creating digital goods.

Being the fastest and the strongest links the realms of Sport and Space. Both require a mindset that desires a healthy body, testing individual limits, setting new records, and creating firsts.

The global athletics community is one of the largest, most diverse communities on the planet. Membership of the Space Athletics Federation® is open to AstroAthletes from all backgrounds.

We will strive for the stars together.