What is Space?

What is Space?

The Space Athletics Federation® welcomes you, the aspiring AstroRunner™, AstroFighter™, AstroPlayer™, AstroCyclist™, AstroAthlete™, AstroWarrior™ and AstroChampion™ to be active in the Space community.

You don’t need a definite plan or timeframe to be in space: you should simply be inspired by space. Our on Earth events and planned AstroFitness software will make you an AstroAthlete in training.

What is Space? There is no agreed definition of space, but outer space is sometimes regarded as the zone beyond 100km from Earth’s surface where blue sky gives way to black because there are insufficient oxygen molecules in the air. NASA regards space as being less than 100km from Earth while others define it as much farther out, even beyond the orbit of the International Space Station.

Our first off-Earth event will occur at the edge of space in 2026 and promises spectacular sights. AstroAthetes and those sharing the live-stream on Earth will be able to view the curvature of the planet from 100,000+ ft while surrounded by the vast blackness of Space. Our Mission Statement recognizes that the challenges and rewards of Sport and Space are intertwined and we will utilize treadmills and stationary bikes, among other equipment, to establish new records.

We look forward to your active involvement whether here on Earth or above the planet.